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Where hostname is the name of the computer.

For instance, let's say you want to find the IP address of computerhope. If you are using Microsoft Windows , open the command prompt and run:. The pings were sent to However, this information is not complete — it shows one IP address for the host, but there may be others. Also, ping doesn't always succeed.

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Many websites and computers will completely ignore a ping request. To perform a direct DNS query, and receive more complete information, use one of the other three methods. For example, from the Windows command prompt, run:.

Nslookup performs the DNS lookup, but unlike ping, it does not send any data to the host. There are two IPv4 addresses , Both are valid IP addresses for that hostname, used in round-robin distribution. The response is non-authoritative , which means that you're getting the information from a domain name server not owned by the host.

What is an IP address?

The nslookup command works on most operating systems, including Microsoft Windows. However, it is an older program, and is no longer actively developed. It is deprecated by the organization that developed it, the Internet Systems Consortium. Instead, they recommend using the newer tools dig and host , discussed below. Dig , the "domain information groper," will perform a DNS lookup if you give it a hostname:.

Dig comes pre-installed on macOS X and Linux operating systems.

Reverse DNS lookup

If selected as an option within our interface, you can also track people to their specific location, instead of just by their IP address. For example, this image shows the visitor was geolocated to their postcode of TR7 1GF. By copying that postcode into Google we can then try to link it to businesses within that postcode area.

In the example above, we found this business, which would match the profile of a potential customer for that company …. Without A1WebStats, that visitor would have been anonymous and all we would have known about them was that they were someone using O2 on a mobile device.

Geolocation made the difference. And when you do get sales and enquiries, A1WebStats helps you to link those back to their original sources for example, specific marketing initiatives that brought people to your website. A1WebStats shows every historic visit from an IP address, and what that visitor looked at page by page. Wherever it can be identified by IP address or geolocation , you can also see which company visited.

WHOIS IP Lookup Tool | UltraTools

Fancy taking a free 30 day no-sales-pitch trial? We are excited to be moving to the brand new A1WebStats platform.

What is my IP address?

As part of the transition process, please log into your account by following one of the links below. We apologise for putting an extra click in your way. This is only short-term until all our customers are on the new platform. Signed up to A1WebStats Before ? Signed up to A1WebStats in - ? Please contact us to let us know.

Top Unix/Linux IP lookup tools

The reasons for using free IP lookup tools are varied, but are mostly: Trying to link an IP address back to an identifiable company Trying to find the IP addresses related to a domain Finding out more about an IP range to potentially exclude e. Read on for more …. What A1WebStats triallers and customers do Most of our triallers and customers want to identify details of companies that visited their website.

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