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Eugene M. A microlensing exoplanet is a planet orbiting a star other than our own Sun that is detectable due to the effects that the gravitational field of its planetary system has on the passing light of a distant background star. The microlensing technique is particularly well-suited to finding low-mass planets and planets around distant or very dim stars. Astronomers have published findings on several different microlensing exoplanets, with masses ranging from more than Jupiter to only a few times more massive than our own Earth.

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In microlensing, the separation of order a milli-arcsecond between multiple images is generally too small to be resolved by modern telescopes. The combined light of all images is instead observed as a single image of the source, blended with any light that may be emanating from the lens itself.

The brightness of the combined image is a function of the projected separation of the source and lens on the observer's sky, and thus can change as the source, lens and observer move relative to one another. The time variability of the combined image namely an apparent change in source brightness as a function of time recorded as a microlensing lightcurve is the usual observational signature of microlensing.

If the lens is a single, isolated, compact object and relative motions are rectilinear, the lightcurve of the background source is simple, smooth and symmetric see Figure 1. The background star appears to brighten and then dim as the projected separation between the source and lens first decreases and then increases. For sources and microlenses are in our own Galaxy, a typical timescale for the detectable rise and fall of the apparent brightness of the source star is on the order of weeks to months.

The basic shape is the same see Fig. Beginning in the s and proceeding to this day, millions of stars have been monitored every night in search of the few that are microlensed by an observable amount at that time. These surveys were motivated by the desire to measure the contribution of dim stars, stellar remnants, black holes , and brown dwarfs to the unseen dark matter in the Milky Way.

Soon thereafter, however, they became important to the search for exoplanets orbiting faint stars and brown dwarfs, which would be difficult to detect by any means other than microlensing. If the lens is multiple, as is the case when the lens is a binary star or a star with planets, the magnification pattern experienced by a background source is no longer circularly symmetric on the sky. In this case, the shape and maximum amplitude of the lightcurve depends on relative path the background source takes through the lens magnification pattern.

Security first aid trained is with the person and trying to keep him calm. Status is chest pain, known heart troubles. We take a moment to convince the person that help is needed to avoid stress. Calling was interesting and lasted 4 min 33 secs! I mention being at address Hertekade However, the person in the water results in loads of first responders heading towards that location and right past our building. Eventually they ask me for the postal code.

Eventually the street name is known by Followed by loads of questions. I overheard communication of people being directed towards Boompjes. A few of the regulars are off on vacation. Only a few are needed. Ambulance shows up and the stretcher is guided to parking level 1. I try to calm down. Further, might be a good idea for the ambulance crew to play poker with regular people. Ambulance crew investigates the person and decide to take the person with them. It always mixed feelings when this happens; not nice that the person is not well, but it does make me feel good about our policy of calling even when it might be a minor thing.

As a consequence of this incident security checked the walkie talkie relay. The communication was a bit difficult despite trying a few walkie talkies. Secondly, we need to show the postal code in all the places we have the address for Normally I do not hear nor ask for anything which happens after an incident. This because of privacy; if they maybe ever tell me, ok. Various months after above incident I heard that the person went home and was still at home. Security mentioned they heard another person also who went to in another country, also chest pain.

That was around the same time as the incident I responded to. As a result, the person was also out for months.

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End of September the yearly evacuation drill was held. I was on vacation during that time. Another very experienced first responder was also not in the office. The evacuation seemed to go pretty much ok. Apparently it took one group a while to figure out how to use the walkie talkie.

One pretended to have trouble walking, the other was shaking on the ground seizure. These were handled well. We have quite a few first aid trained people who usually and unfortunately do not participate in the evacuation drill. On the day of this incident I was chatting with security. They mentioned that the goods elevator was out of order.

Normally that would be a very critical to the building as the goods elevator is also the elevator used by the fire department. No working elevator apparently means the building cannot be used.

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Since a few years, the building setup another elevator to be usable by the fire department emergency power and some other stuff. That other elevator is much more of a hassle due to the way less convenient location and lack of accessibility from the road. The goods elevator is perfect for either fire department and especially great for ambulances. The medical emergency happened during lunch. I had my pager with me but not my walkie talkie. As a result the pager range outside of the building is pretty impressive.

The range is easily 1 or 2km. A person in the building forgot to take some pills. The person informed the first responders within the company. They gathered, called , then security as well. Security asked for assistance via walkie talkie. After not getting a quick response they sent a pager. Another really active first responder works for the same company as the person needing That first responder ran from their lunch back to the building when he was the pager going off.

Meanwhile, the other first responders were pretty much ready. Once the ambulance arrived they were taken to the relevant floor using the goods elevator. The elevator mechanic worked all morning to fix it; he fixed it and less than 10 minutes later security got the medical emergency call. Security apparently had nothing to do and sent a picture of goods elevator camera to me as well as a first responder colleague same one who missed the evacuation drill.

Via the walkie talkie I heard security talking about a strange smell.

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I heard one of the security guys going up to investigate. We checked the area itself, various ventilation shafts, different floors, etc. I tried a few tricks to. It might first go to air filtration system, then eventually to another floor.

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Those floors might not be close to each other. To properly investigate you need knowledge on which floors are on the same air filtration system.

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This time I arranged space 2 combined meeting rooms for this. The first responders are from various companies. By hosting the training at my company I get the benefit of additional first responders who have knowledge of our office layout. I warned the trainer and most of the first responders that we would have a party starting The party was for Halloween not common to do in my country.

Late in the afternoon the first responders somehow got notified that someone was stuck in an elevator. Interestingly, one of the first things they did is try and contact me. So a few went out of the meeting room and responded. Thereby passing me. The person was also very stressed, they called various times within 5 minutes.

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In the past building security would override the elevator and move it manually similar to an elevator mechanic. But due to an incident security stopped doing this. Mostly because they want to know who is responsible in case they make a mistake. The lack of any answer results in security limiting themselves to some basics. Security raised an priority incident with building management, which included details about the stressed person inside. Building management immediately raised an incident to yet another company.

Background black page personal planet
Background black page personal planet
Background black page personal planet
Background black page personal planet
Background black page personal planet

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