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Since the battery is a vital part of your car, Mazor recommends buying a top performer. Maintain Your Battery: Do a visual inspection to check for corrosion around the battery terminals. Look for a chalky white substance that might affect proper electrical conduction. Clean the terminal with a wire brush and coat it with grease before reconnecting the battery.

The grease prevents corrosion and improves the electrical connection. If you have an older battery that allows access to the cells, adding distilled water will help it keep a charge. However, if you do this, proceed with caution. The sulfuric acid in batteries is highly corrosive and can burn your skin and eat holes in your clothes. There is even a slight danger of explosion.

Finding the Right Car Battery

When performing maintenance on a battery, work in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves and eye protection. If battery acid gets on your clothes or skin, quickly neutralize it with a solution of baking soda and water. Never lean over a battery when charging, testing or jump-starting an engine. Final Thoughts The performance of modern batteries has improved, and Mazor says they will perform better for a longer period of time.

But they still have one flaw: It's hard to predict when they will die. So regularly inspect your battery and replace it before it lets you down.

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The Edmunds content team brings you industry-leading vehicle reviews, news and research tips that make it easier for you to find your perfect car. Popular searches. My Account. Here are the five things that will help you avoid a dead battery: 1. Other research topics. The number will not be used for any other purpose. Carrier charges may apply for receiving text messages.

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  4. But why is your car battery dead and what can you do to fix it? The most obvious case of a dead car battery is simple user error. Another potential cause of a dead car battery is age. Most car batteries utilize lead-acid, multi-cell batteries. Each cell is filled with a dilute solution of sulfuric acid as well as lead. If you are repeatedly experiencing a dead battery and your vehicle or battery is new, it might be worth bringing your car into the shop to have a mechanic run a battery test to determine if it has some sort of internal defect.

    Finally, a dead car battery could be indicative of corrosion on your battery terminals. These are the posts that connect your battery to the rest of the charging system. At times, corrosion — which looks like white, ashy deposits — builds up between the terminal posts and the battery cables and can cause a reduction in flow of power in your vehicle.

    How Can I Tell The Age Of My Car Battery?

    Luckily, if you can locate some jumper cables and a willing Good Samaritan, charging a car battery is fairly simple. The positive terminal will be marked with a plus symbol. A simple mnemonic device that will help you remember that red is attached to the positive terminal is to think about the sun and how its heat is positive energy while space and its blackness is negative energy. Attach one of the black clips to the negative terminal of the other vehicle.

    When does a car battery need to be replaced?

    The negative terminal is marked with a minus symbol. This is to help ground the electrical flow and prevent sparking from the battery. Start the car with the good battery first and allow it to run for a few minutes.

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    Then you can try starting your own vehicle. Give it minutes of running, preferably at highway speeds without using peripheral devices that drain the battery like radio.

    As stated above, if you consistently find that your battery is dying, that can be a clear sign of a problem and you may want to replace your battery. In addition, the 'age' doesn't matter so much as the current capacity. The first set of links I found simply by doing a search since both are E46 related.

    How to Find A Car Battery Drain

    The whole point is that almost every question already has been answered scores to hundreds of times. The problem in searching is that you get hundreds of wrong answers mixed in with the dozens of good answers.

    How do we read the date code on your batteries? - Sealed Performance Batteries

    So, a few of us teamed up to create the 'best links', which is that well-known sticky that has had , visitors to date. Most of those issues also pertain to the E46; so there's no reason not to team up to enjoy the combined intelligence of both teams! We generally edit that thread once or twice a day lately, so as to maintain all the links none of the thousands I've added to that thread are currently stale, for example. Wow, thanks for all the help. This site rocks.

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