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In fact, the appraisal records for 34 commercial properties have been purged from the website, including apartments, industrial property, offices, and retail properties. Eleven of those properties are owned by businesses, three are held by trustees, the rest are owned by individuals. Dozens of doctors, lawyers, and investors, as well as many hundreds of other property owners, also have their appraisal records suppressed on the TCAD website. The Austin Bulldog obtained a spreadsheet listing all appraisal records suppressed by TCAD through an open records request.

To access a spreadsheet listing these suppressed properties:. Sorted by property type, click here. Sorted by market value, click here. Brown, who started as chief appraiser January 1, , and who will be leaving the job in mid-January, said he has not been intimately involved in carrying out the policy of suppressing appraisal records on the TCAD website.

He said he has talked to only one property owner who wanted to have this done. I did not suppress his records. Brown said he has not talked with any tax agents or other property owners who wanted to withhold records from the website. What happens if TCAD receives hundreds, or even thousands, more requests to suppress records on the website?

It would be my recommendation to the board that we not do that. To my knowledge, we are not in violation of the Public Information Act but there is a question of what one can expect to get on our website. Travis Central Appraisal District is not the only agency to offer the little-known service of suppressing appraisal records on their websites.

Appraisal districts in Harris and Bexar counties also accommodate property owners who ask that their appraisal records be withheld from public access through the websites. Both Travis and Bexar counties prevent online access to the entire appraisal records for property owners who request it but permit complete records to be viewed on public-access computers in their offices.

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These districts also will supply complete records in response to requests filed under the Texas Public Information Act. Mary Kieke, deputy chief appraiser of the Bexar Appraisal District , said her district has 1, suppressed accounts that are do not qualify for confidentiality. The agency maintains , appraisal records, she said. Harris County Appraisal District allows anyone who requests it to have their name removed from the searchable HCAD online database but not the entire record.

The agency maintains about 1. The methods of voluntarily suppressing public records practiced by Travis, Bexar and Harris Central Appraisal Districts offer a sharp contrast to procedures followed by appraisal districts in Bastrop, Dallas, Hays, and Williamson Counties.

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These districts allow full and complete online public access to all records unless a property owner is legally qualified to have records kept confidential. The records of other property owners are not suppressed. Appraisal records are public records that qualify for full and complete disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act unless a property owner meets the lawful requirement for confidentiality. Whether it is appraising your home for a property tax appeal if your property taxes are too high, valuing your home for estate work or a divorce or helping you secure a HELOC, a local appraiser is best.

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They obviously also appraise new construction homes as well as existing homes, and can do it for a home listing, before or after a sale. They use the local MLS Multiple Listing Service to gather data on sales and listings and use them to professionally tell you what the price per square foot should be for your home and others in your area. They also can determine if there's any effect on the value of your home from pending foreclosures, REOs, and other "short sales" in Williamson County.

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In Travis County, typically two weeks pass between the informal meeting with staff and the ARB hearing. In Williamson and Hays counties, that meeting with a staffer usually happens the same day as the ARB hearing. If you take your case to the ARB, come prepared and expect a rapid-fire proceeding. The entire hearing will likely take 15 to 30 minutes. In that time you will be placed under oath and given a chance to present any evidence or witnesses supporting your case.

You must conclude by stating the figure you believe your property is worth. Someone from the appraisal district will likely question you and provide additional evidence.

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Then you can question the appraiser or any witnesses presented by the appraisal district. Members of the ARB can ask clarifying questions, too. The three-member panel will discuss the case and reach a recommended value. Protest hearings typically wrap up by now.

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There are two alternatives to arbitration. Property Tax Protest. Protesting your property taxes Click here for a link to protesting your Travis County property taxes online. Need to protest your appraised value in Austin or surrounding area?

appraisal county property search williamson Appraisal county property search williamson
appraisal county property search williamson Appraisal county property search williamson
appraisal county property search williamson Appraisal county property search williamson
appraisal county property search williamson Appraisal county property search williamson
appraisal county property search williamson Appraisal county property search williamson

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