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Recent Posts. Answer 10 questions to find out if you qualify for food stamps and the best way to apply. An index of articles from more than music periodicals back to Identify articles of interest in the field of music. Some articles are full text. Articles from the New York Times back to Discover reading recommendations based on your favorite titles, authors, subjects and genres. Scholarly and authoritative, this resource is great for background information on a wide variety of topics in art. Definitions of English words and phrases as they have been used over time and throughout the world.

It aims to present the English language as it is actually used rather than how it ought to be used. Entries include pronunciations, etymologies, definitions and quotations. From scholarly encyclopedia articles to quick definitions, this resource is great for those studying music or those who simply want a deeper understanding of the music they listen to.

Index to articles on circus performance, dance, drama, film, magic, musical theater, opera, pantomime, performance art, puppetry, television and theater.

Information about contemporary policy issues, including congressional publications and Congressional Research Service reports, non-partisan policy and legal analyses written by Library of Congress staff. Especially helpful for students working on persuasive essays or debates. Coverage for most papers begins in and ends about three months prior to the present. Find additional newspapers in America's News. Search a large collection of magazine and newspaper articles in one step.

Statistics on a wide variety of topics in publications from the U.

Microfiche of most publications is available at the Harold Washington Library Center, and many of the publications are available online. Listings for 24 million U. Search businesses by name, location, industry and size; search consumers by location, estimated income, interests and shopping habits. Encyclopedia articles, definitions, charts and illustrations, experiments, biographies and timelines. Magazine and newspaper articles on social, scientific, health, historic, economic, political and global issues specifically chosen for upper-elementary and high school students.

Information on magazines, newspapers and journals published throughout the world. More than 40, encyclopedia articles, as well as an online atlas, online dictionary, research tools and more. Recommended for high school students and adults. Short, easy-to-read introductions to thousands of topics as well as maps, pictures, games, word definitions and more.

The Library in the Life of the User: Engaging with People Where They Live and Learn

Recommended for grades two through five. Recommended for grades three and up. Discover which of Chicago Public Library's magazine and newspaper databases includes the full text of a journal or article that you're looking for. Discover books and articles at Chicago Public Library--and beyond. Search the world's largest catalog, with titles from CPL as well as thousands of other libraries.

A catalog of titles held by libraries throughout the world. Use this resource to discover materials beyond the Chicago Public Library.

Should I be using Google or the Library resources for a paper?

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Browse Browse, collapsed Browse. By Audience Kids Teens. View apps available for: -- Apple Android Amazon. Get help understanding the plays, novels, poetry and short stories most read by students. Search for free or reduced cost community resources including mental health services. View available apps for Brainfuse: Homework Help. Get personal feedback on your resume within 24 hours from an online writing coach. View available apps for CHI Find out how the City of Chicago is helping every Chicagoan participate in the Census.

Careful notes will help you remember the information that you gained from each source when you get home. In addition to the traditional stacks of books present in your library, you will also find a reference section. This section contains books that do not delve deep into any subject, but provide basic summary knowledge on a variety of topics. The reference section contains books like dictionaries, which help define unfamiliar terms; encyclopedias, which provide overviews of various subjects; abstracts, which summarize books and articles; and biographical references, which describe people and their accomplishments.

Since these resources do not require extensive time to process, and they are likely to be used briefly but regularly by many visitors, the library generally will not allow you to check out reference material.


Take great care in drafting notes on the information that you find, and writing down the page numbers and authors according to the style preferred in your field of study. Books are comprehensive, but they can take years to get published. This means that the material in books is often at least a year old by the time of its publication date.

If your speech depends on more recent information, you should turn to periodicals. Periodicals include magazines, newspapers, journals, and other publications printed at predictable intervals. These publications may appear weekly, monthly, or quarterly to update the research in a given field. Each periodical will offer a variety of articles related to a specific subject area. When researching, it is important to understand the difference between general interest periodicals and scholarly research journals. General interest periodicals include magazines and newspapers which provide a wide array of knowledge and keep readers up to date on the news within a larger cultural context.

These publications are targeted toward the general public and they often use pictures and advertising to attract attention. The information in them is edited to make sure it will appeal to the audience, is well written, and consistent with the commercial goals of the publication. General interest periodicals are good for context and current events information.

If you are giving a speech about the importance of military intervention in Syria, you could use a general interest periodical like the New York Times to discover the most recent information on the conflict. If you are looking for more rigorous research, such as an international relations expert detailing what forms of aid are best for nations experiencing uprisings, you will need a scholarly research journal. A scholarly research journal is not for profit. It is designed to publicize the best research in a particular area.

These publications are targeted toward scholars who specialize in a given subject or type of research. These journals engage in a process of peer review in which scholars send their articles to the editor and the editor has other experts in the field examine the article to determine the quality of its research, writing, and fit with the scholarly goal of the publication. Rather than searching for a print copy of the latest periodical, many people now find articles on the computer using specialized electronic databases that contain the full text of periodicals.

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how to find people library resources How to find people library resources
how to find people library resources How to find people library resources
how to find people library resources How to find people library resources
how to find people library resources How to find people library resources
how to find people library resources How to find people library resources
how to find people library resources How to find people library resources
how to find people library resources How to find people library resources

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