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Notable mansions were Tyler Street and Lincoln Street. Many of the houses were on larger lots. By contrast, a working-class area was made up of row houses made of poured concrete were arranged together and known as "Mill Houses"; they were built to house steel mill workers. It was developed in the s and houses several pieces of impressive architecture, including the Moe House , designed by Frank Lloyd Wright , and another, the Wynant House , which was destroyed by fire. A significant number of older structures have been demolished in recent years because of the cost of restoration.

Restructuring of the steel and other heavy industry in the late 20th century resulted in a loss of jobs, adversely affecting the city. Abandoned buildings in the downtown area include historic structures such as Union Station , the Palace Theater , and City Methodist Church. A large area of the downtown neighborhood including City Methodist was devastated by a major fire on October 12, Ambridge Mann is a neighborhood located on Gary's near west side along 5th Avenue.

Ambridge was developed for workers at the nearby steel plant in the s and s. It is named after the American Bridge Works, which was a subsidiary of U. The neighborhood is home to a huge stock of prairie-style and art deco homes. The Gary Masonic Temple is located in the neighborhood, along with the Ambassador apartment building. Located just south of Interstate 90 , the neighborhood can be seen while passing Buchanan Street. Brunswick is located on Gary's far west side. The neighborhood is located just south of Interstate 90 and can also be seen from the expressway.

The area is south of the Gary Chicago International Airport.

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  6. Downtown West is located in north-central Gary on the west side of Broadway just south of Interstate It is operated by the Gary Public Transportation Corporation and serves as a multi-modal hub. It serves both as the Downtown Gary South Shore train station and an intercity bus stop. Tolleston is one of Gary's oldest neighborhoods, predating much of the rest of the city. It was platted by George Tolle in , when the railroads were constructed to this area. This area is west of Midtown and south of Ambridge Mann. Black Oak is located on the far southwest side of Gary, in the vicinity of the Burr Street exit to the Borman Expressway.

    It was annexed in the s. Prior to that, Black Oak was an unincorporated area informally associated with Hammond , and the area has Hammond telephone numbers. After three referendums, the community voters approved annexation, having been persuaded by Mayor Hatcher that they would benefit more from services provided by the city than from those provided by the county. In the 20th-century, it is the only majority-white neighborhood in Gary.

    Glen Park is located on Gary's far south side and is made up mostly of mid-twentieth-century houses. Glen Park is divided from the remainder of the city by the Borman Expressway. Glen Park includes the 37th Avenue corridor at Broadway. Midtown is located south of Downtown Gary, along Broadway.

    In the pres days of de facto segregation, this developed historically as a "black" neighborhood as African Americans came to Gary from the rural South in the Great Migration to seek jobs in the industrial economy. Aetna is located on Gary's far east side along the Dunes Highway. Aetna predates the city of Gary. This company town was founded in by the Aetna Powder Works, an explosives company.

    The Town of Aetna was annexed by Gary in , around the same time that the city annexed the Town of Miller. In the late s and early s, Gary's prosperous industries helped generate residential and other development in Aetna, resulting in an impressive collection of art deco architecture. On its south and east, Aetna borders the undeveloped floodplain of the Little Calumet River.

    Emerson is located in north-central Gary on the east side of Broadway. Steel Yard , was constructed in , along with contiguous commercial space and minor residential development. Miller Beach , also known simply as Miller, is on Gary's far northeast side.

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    Settled in the s and incorporated as an independent town in , Miller was annexed by the city of Gary in Miller Beach is racially and economically diverse. It attracts investor interest due to the many year-round and summer homes within walking distance of Marquette Park and Lake Michigan.

    Prices for lakefront property are affordable compared to those in Illinois suburban communities. Lake Street provides shopping and dining options for Miller Beach visitors and residents. East Edge, a development of 28 upscale condominium, townhome, and single-family homes, began construction in at the eastern edge of Miller Beach along County Line Road, one block south of Lake Michigan.

    The city is located at the southern end of the former lake bed of the prehistoric Lake Chicago , and the current Lake Michigan.

    Most of the city's soil, to nearly one foot below the surface, is pure sand. The sand beneath Gary, and on its beaches, is of such high quality that in years past it was mined for the manufacture of glass. According to the census, Gary has a total area of Gary is "T" shaped, with its northern border on Lake Michigan.


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    At the northwesternmost section, Gary borders Hammond and East Chicago. Miller Beach , its easternmost neighborhood, borders Lake Station and Portage. Gary's southernmost section borders Griffith , Hobart , Merrillville , and unincorporated Ross. The weather of Gary is greatly regulated by its proximity to Lake Michigan. Weather varies yearly. In summer months Gary is humid. Summer is the rainiest season. Winters vary but are predominantly snowy. Sometimes large blizzards hit because of " lake effect snow ", a phenomenon whereby large amounts of water evaporated from the lake deposit onto the shoreline areas as inordinate amounts of snow.

    The change in the economy and resulting loss of jobs has caused a drop in population by more than half since its peak in As of the census [4] of , there were 80, people, 31, households, and 19, families residing in the city. The population density was 1, There were 39, housing units at an average density of The racial makeup of the city was Hispanic or Latino people of any race were 5.

    Non-Hispanic Whites were 8. There were 31, households of which The average household size was 2. The median age in the city was The gender makeup of the city was As of the census of , there were , people, 38, households, and 25, families residing in the city. The population density was 2, There were 43, housing units at an average density of Hispanic or Latino people of any race were 4. There were 38, households out of which In the city, the population was spread out with The median age was 34 years.

    For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were About Meredith Willson 's Broadway musical The Music Man featured the song " Gary, Indiana ", in which lead character and con man Professor Harold Hill wistfully recalls his purported hometown, then prosperous. Hill claims to be an alumnus of "Gary Conservatory of Music, Class of '05," but this is later revealed to be another of his lies. The City of Gary was not founded until Willson's musical, set in , was adapted both as a film of the same name released in , and as a television film , produced in The urban film Original Gangstas was filmed in the city.

    Birth records michigan city indiana

    Since the early s, Gary has been the setting for numerous films made by Hollywood filmmakers. The History Channel documentary Life After People was filmed in Gary, exploring areas that have deteriorated or been abandoned because of the loss of jobs and residents. Augustine's Episcopal Church.

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