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Types of Child Custody

Any property that the spouse had before marriage or has brought into the marriage will not be divided during the divorce. For a property to be regarded as non-marital, the property must be:. The marital property will be distributed in a fair proportion and to make the decision, the court will assess the following:.

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However, if the parents do not come to an agreement on these issues, then the court will decide on basis of the best interests of the child and the court usually decides based on the following factors:. This is usually paid by one party to the other while the trial or divorce proceedings is going on and before the finalization of the divorce.

This is usually in the case of a short marriage, where a spouse pays so that the other spouse can complete a program, training or education that will enable the person to get suitable employment. This is when the court orders a specific amount that must be paid by one spouse to the other after the divorce.

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However, the court usually does not take into consideration fault while determining if a spouse is eligible for support or not. It only considers fault when deciding on the amount of support and the duration. In the interim period, if you have children, the court may order your spouse and you to join a course on divorce education. If you and your spouse settle on all issues and you have filed the MSA or Marital Settlement Agreement, then you will have to answer the question regarding the marital agreement during your hearing and if all things are fine, then the court will approve the agreement.

Step-Parent Child Support After Divorce

However, if your spouse and you are unable to agree on the various issues, the judge will hear the evidence about the issues you cannot agree on and will decide on basis of your evidence. You will be finally divorced from your spouse once you receive the divorce decree signed by the judge. You can use the divorce decree as proof to change your last name to your previous or maiden name.

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Effect of a Father in a Child’s Life

I consent to eDivorce collecting my details through this form. It is important to work with a lawyer with experience as a mediator and negotiator to make sure that your children's needs are taken care of.

Making custody, child support and visitation arrangements can be difficult; we can help your family agree upon the most appropriate solutions. We know how important it is to reduce the impact of a divorce or separation on your children. As such, we do everything we can to streamline and simplify the process.

How to File a Divorce in Kentucky

Our firm can offer advice on alternative approaches that may work in your specific situation. No matter what course you decide to take, we will tell you exactly what to expect and provide guidance at every step. Our firm handles more uncontested divorces than anyone in the Russellville, Kentucky, area. This experience has led us to find new ways to help our clients through the most difficult periods in their lives.

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Let us help you and your family work toward a better and brighter future — call us today at or complete our short online form to arrange a free initial consultation. Please enter a valid email address. Please enter a valid phone number. This is true even in states that have statutes requiring step-parent support during the marriage.

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There is an exception, however. Depending upon the jurisdiction that the step-parent is in, the custodial parent may be successful in seeking child support from the step-parent under the Estoppel Doctrine. The Estoppel Doctrine prevents a step-parent from taking a different position with regard to the child or reneging on a promise if the child would be financially harmed by the change.

Three conditions must be met in order for the doctrine to apply. The third condition is Reliance, whereby the child relies upon the financial support of the step-parent.

kentucky divorce law step father Kentucky divorce law step father
kentucky divorce law step father Kentucky divorce law step father
kentucky divorce law step father Kentucky divorce law step father
kentucky divorce law step father Kentucky divorce law step father
kentucky divorce law step father Kentucky divorce law step father

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