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Visit the SSA's web site for a list of area numbers and corresponding states. Prior to , cards were issued in local Social Security offices around the country, and the area number represented the state in which the card was issued.

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Since , when the SSA began assigning numbers and issuing cards centrally from Baltimore, the area number is assigned based on the zip code in the mailing address provided on the application for the original Social Security card. A word of warning: the applicant's mailing address may not be the same as his or her place of residence. Therefore, the area number does not necessarily represent the applicant's state of residence either prior to , or since. The area numbering scheme was developed in , before computers, to make it easier for the SSA to store the applications in Baltimore files that were organized by regions and alphabetically.

Originally, it was intended for SSA internal use and convenience, and was not intended for anything more. However, it's a good clue for the family sleuth!

Got tricked into giving up your Social Security number? Here’s what to do

Since , the SSA has used an electronic system, or computer, to maintain records of approximately 60 million deaths that have been reported to them. This database is in tape format, which is not searchable by the public. However, the U. Department of Commerce does sell these reels of magnetic tape to genealogical services that reformat the information on their own searchable computer databases or publish it on cd-roms. These include Social Security number, last name and first name, date of death and date of birth, zip code of last residence, and zip code of lump sum payment recipient.

As with any electronic data, problems exist in the original database, and these errors flow through to all versions of the Social Security Death Index. For example, the SSA database allows only twelve letters for last name and nine letters for first name, with all other letters being truncated, or left off. Also, data entry errors do occur.

If you can't find someone by first and last name and birth date, try searching by first name only and as much other information as you can to narrow the search. Be sure to visit Kathleen Hinckley's Family Detective web site. In addition to data entry errors, be aware that the death date may contain month and year only, especially before Another issue is that the zip code information may lead you in the wrong direction.

Zip codes were not used until , and the location assigned to a zip code is based on U. Postal Service assignment of localities to a given zip code. This may not be the town where the person actually lived, nor where final benefits were sent. For example, a zip code of results in two Missouri town names-Chesterfield, and Town and Country. Do not be fooled into thinking the zip code or locality of last residence is where the person died.

They may have last resided in Patterson, Missouri, but actually died in a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. In that case, you would never find a death certificate in Missouri.

Social Security Number Search - How to Find People by Social Security Numbers

Having told you all the pitfalls to watch out for, I will say that you can still find many valuable clues in the SSDI. Let's start with who is not in the SSDI. I have been trying to find my son for 3 years. He was in the Navy for 5 years and never reupped. And then just fell of the face of the earth.

We have moved 2 years ago and he doesnt have any info on where were at. I have been trying to find him by his SSN and i guess i committed a felony but its worth it if it leads me to him. Im a really worried mom and dont know what else to do. The previous post from from another anonymous user references a section of code that has deals with SSN benefits not locating a family member or debtor. If you would like professional help locating your son you should use this link to our current address search. I am tring to find my husband who has decicded to go on the run to keep from giving me a divorce and paying child support.

I have his social security number and driver's licenses number but really don't know were to start to locate him. He is using prepaid phones to keep from being traced and has taken a job driving a truck so he is always on the move. I have child support services helping with no luck i'm tring to find him myself. I have had fairly good success in locating people such as your ex. It's a hobby so no charge involved. I just need a name, approx age or dob if you have it and last known location.

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If I don't find him, no harm done but who knows….. My ex has taken my kids out of state without my permission or consent,i have a court order stating that due to me not having much money i am unable to locate him i have tried everything all i need is his address to move foward with my case i am trying to do everything my self and its so hard i know the state he is in but dont have the exact address i need help!

I have been trying to find my father for about five years now. I havne't seen him in over twenty years and i'm 22 years old. I really want to find him but my lack of information and money make it difficult. I have old shild support papers that have his SSN and old address but nothing seems to matter. Unfortunately, you are right. There is no real "free" social security number search. But it's actually make sense — you really don't want your SSN to be given to everyone who wants it for free, right? It is possible to find an ssn owner for free.

However, it is impossible to find that online. You may contact your local city hall with an SSN and last name, and find it's owner.

5 Kinds of ID Theft Using a Social Security Number

Don't waste your time at city hall. It's a wild goose chase and you'll never get owner infothi or address from an SSN at any city hall. If you've tried this, please post here, would love to hear the stories. If you're trying to locate someone by a Social, you can try a people search by social security search if you don't know the exact spelling of the name, or if you know the name and SSN you can use Reverse SSN Lookup. I'm a 27 year old female. Very, very sick. I'm looking for my dad. My dad does not know that I'm very sick. My doctor said if medcaid don't pay for what I need, then I will die in less than a year.

I want to find my dad so I can spend time and make peace with him before i die. I have his ss number, full name, date of birth, age, his last whereabouts. But I don't know how to begin to start looking for him.

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Please help. Jazzygirl83 ymail.

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Well, Im a 16 year old trying to find my biological father. He left me when I was born and my mom doesnt care to help me. I just want answers. I know somethings are best not known, but I want to know. I am already in college so I know the risks im taking to try and find him. I know he was a bad person in the past, but people change. He might or might not have, but I wanna at least try.

Can anyone give advice on what to do? Of course my mom wont pay to search him by website.

Social Security Numbers

I already asked, and I went to the police since I know them personally since a few are family friends, but they couldnt find anything. I just want to figure things out, any suggestions please? I want to find out if my biological father had more children other than the ones i know about. I have his ssn and I know he died 2 years ago pls I just wanna know my medical history because of my children…if there is any one out there that can hepl and not scam me pls contact me at my email: lovlyiravyn yahoo.

You would need to checkout our private investigator services for this type of request. Hope that helps. My name is Brianna, im looking for my 2 year old daughters father. She has had a few serguries but she needs her father.

It was a demestic relationship but I want him to be in her life, she is outgoing and a very beautiful, smart little girl. His name is Juan Pedro Molina Gonzalez.

finding people through social security numbers Finding people through social security numbers
finding people through social security numbers Finding people through social security numbers
finding people through social security numbers Finding people through social security numbers
finding people through social security numbers Finding people through social security numbers
finding people through social security numbers Finding people through social security numbers
finding people through social security numbers Finding people through social security numbers
finding people through social security numbers Finding people through social security numbers
finding people through social security numbers Finding people through social security numbers

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