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A Taste of Honey tells the story of year-old Jo, a working class Salfordian whose relationship with her mother, Helen, is fractious to say the least. When Helen departs to begin a relationship with a new partner, Jo begins a relationship with Jimmy, a black sailor who impregnates her before departure to sea. In the absence of Jimmy, Jo finds friendship, solace and comfort in Geoffrey, a homosexual acquaintance who serves as something of a surrogate father. Here we have questions of class, race, sexuality and more besides put before the audience.

The Theatre Workshop, which she had founded with her then-partner Ewan MacColl, was committed to building a popular form of theatre both for and about the working class.

For once, the synopsis was perfect. Behan was nearing the end of a lifelong though a short life battle with the pint glass, but such media rumour did no harm for any reputations. If one thing bound Behan and Delaney it was a strong working class identity; none could doubt her when she told the cameras for ITN that the praise of local bricklayers and cleaners meant more than any accolades the theatre world could offer.

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The years that followed brought more work from her, including the play The Lion in Love , screenplays such as The White Bus and several radio plays. The core theme of A Taste of Honey , of working class resilience, remained throughout her work. Shelagh Delaney died in , days short of her 73 birthday.

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Some considered her star to have dimmed after A Taste of Hone y, but her collective body of work remains an important exploration of what it meant to be young and marginalised in post-war Britain. Donal Fallon.

Ireland’s most colorful writer Brendan Behan remembered on his birthday

More from The Irish Times Books. Sponsored Want to help combat climate change? Start by planting a tree. Electric vehicles are gathering pace. Ulster University Business School: closing the skills gap. Commenting on The Irish Times has changed.

Fran the man becomes Behan the borstal boy

The conversation ran into a hesitant silence. Finally, one of them broke it. Have you been offered it? Are you going to do it? Rather than a competition, it was the beginning of a collaboration. Coola boola. Coonan thinks back on filming the scene with a mixture of excitement and horror: how does a person do something like that?

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At the same time, his first identification was with the victim. I needed to get into a dark place that day. I remember sitting on the stairs where it was the darkest in the house, sitting there and being scared myself of the scenario that was about to happen. Taking the fear of the victim and putting that into you to create this venom and menace.

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You never question it. Many actors are taught a method, others learn a technique, and some, like Coonan, discover what kind of actor they are on the job. But I stopped that at Acting was also bound up with his relationship with his mother, Betty, who died when Coonan was just Coonan found her tattered script, with her part still marked. She had played Alma, a woman tried with her teenage lover for the murder of her husband, and Coonan was now playing the part of the lover.

He still reels with the intensity of the connection, which he took as an omen. Does he worry about getting typecast as a crook? I was definitely conscious [of the need] to do other things, to play with the Corn Exchange, for example.


Camera work asks an actor to internalise everything, to communicate in small gestures, where theatre often asks for bigger displays. Earlier this year he was offered a film part not unlike his hard-chaw crime roles. For the first week I remember being somewhat embarrassed, too shy to really let it go. Was it difficult to deal with at times? What I felt I needed and what I do now is I go into every session, I do my warm up and my conditioning and then I do my routine sessions after that; I train twice a day. This year is about working really hard and getting myself as physically strong and prepared and possible.

JOE: Thanks to the likes of BT and others, your financial situation has changed drastically since before the Olympics KB: It really makes a huge difference. JOE: Obviously the Olympics was a huge deal but what is sometimes overlooked is your performance in when you won three World Cup medals.

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Would you say that was an even greater achievement than performing at the Olympics? KB: Yeah, sometimes that has been overlooked, the three World Cup medals in and when I was ranked number 1 in the world on the floor. JOE: It was a pleasure Kieran, thanks very much for your time and all the best in the future. It's finally here! Listen on Watch on Listen on. Subscribe for free. This week: Unrivalled insights and industry savvy from Ireland's biggest success stories for people in business to stay ahead of the game.

Paul behan london uk people search
Paul behan london uk people search
Paul behan london uk people search
Paul behan london uk people search
Paul behan london uk people search
Paul behan london uk people search

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