Fernando vina responds to mitchell report

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So in a small way I'll give him some credit for being honest when he was one of the few who didn't need to be. His inclusion was one of the real weak ones that got the ESPN taking heads started one discrediting the whole report because of it's inclusion. When the weakest link proves to be true I guess it should go some way towards validating the stronger case's validity. I think the naming of players in the Mitchell report really wasn't the greatest idea - yes, we found out who was involved with a shady clubhouse attendant and shady personal trainers. There are obviously many, many more names left off that report that were far more involved in performance-enhancing drugs than some of the names mentioned in it.

What has ended up happening in the public's eye is that only the players mentioned in the Mitchell report used PEDs, when in reality the bulk of the Mitchell report is what two people have given statements on to keep their butts out of jail. So is smoking marijuana.

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So is going 75 MPH on I Your wife has alergies. She's also female. Until a couple of years ago, claritin and motrin were considered prescription drugs. You've been working real hard in the sun all day long, triming the trees and rototilling the garden. You come into the house and have back pain and a headache and are sneezing from all the pollen in the air. Are you going to say no honey, that's a prescrption drug and it would be illegal for me to take it? Are you going to tell your wife she has to go to the medicine closet to get the sudafed or tylenol because they are legal?

Could a baseball player have violated that drug policy for taking viagra without a prescription? That could be interesting having a player suspended for taking too much viagra. Just think of the poor guy who was a multiple offender.

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Fernando, your use of steroids makes Albert Belle nearly decapitating you in the basepath at County Stadium even more funny now. C'mon - you were juicing, and couldn't put any weight into it? One of the most jaw-dropping things I've ever seen in person at a sporting event. Who is online. Search entire board Google search :. Page 2 of 4. Print view.

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Pettitte, Vina admit to using HGH; Latest - Clemens denies usage

RU Rah Rah. Big Reed. Global Moderator Posts: Fear The Chorizo. Backupcatchers said: but I really can't be all that disturbed by someone taking a prescription drug that they obtained illegally when it wasn't banned by MLB. Brewerfan Jedi Global Moderator Posts: Stearns Brewing Co. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

Search this forum phpBB search :. My conclusion? It still hurts. These guys should think hard about the choices that they made and the people that they have hurt. Kids look up to these guys. Hell, adults look up to these guys. I applaude Pettite and others for apologizing. I condemn guys like Bonds for having such arrogance to deny everything with such evidence against him. We need more players like you Curt. I have friends that know you personally through baseball and say that the way you act in public is exactly the way you are in private.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I was a US Marine, and the story you wrote about the Sergeant and his escort brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for putting the word out. I am a Yankee fan who enjoys your blog. I have never seen a player, like youself, who gives so much to the community. Thank you! Where is the proof? Are they talking to get a lesser sentence? These guys all of a sudden were hitting 50 or 70 jacks after a 20 or 30 homer season? You are right though…if you are clean, come forward now or forever be questioned!

See you 18 more times in ! Unfortunitaly we fans spend so much time elevating sports stars to this mythical place where they are supposed to be better, stronger and smarter that the average joe. Now I certianly not calling for an end to sports and competetion.

However,I do think we need to come to some sort of reality. These guys were basically zeros, scum of the earth, drug pushers who DID get caught! You have it all backwards. Have you forgotten where you live? Curt, I highly respect you as a baseball player—and even at 40 with your velocity and stuff a tick lower than a few years ago—I would choose you to start my LCS or World Series Game 7 over anyone else pitching today or in recent baseball memory. We cannot punish ex post facto for rules which were either not in effect or not enforced.

Also, it is unfair to punish people after the fact. Baseball just has to live with this wound no matter how angry we may feel about the situation.

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  8. I believe in being fair to Bonds and Clemens—when they each were chasing after records and helping their teams win games with their otherworldly performances we as fans all sat back and loved it without question. A lot of players who used drugs during the steroid era did not have hall of fame caliber careers, so that would make singling out Bonds and Clemens a bit unfair on that level as well.

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    Just a few thoughts on the matter—you are a thoughtful person generally respectful of this hallowed game and tradition and I would love to hear your response. Until I see positive test results from these players I have to believe that they are innocent. You are asking them to clear their name, that is not the players responsibility to prove their innocense, it is our responsibility to prove their guilt.

    You are a great professional baseball player and have acheived that, no doubt, through hard work and with your god given ability. I am a huge fan of the Sox and also of you when you toe the rubber whether I am watching in the stands at Fenway or on the TV. Fine to have an opinion, I mean everyone has a right to their own. Because you have fame, your opinion solicited or not , will be heard and made into a big deal because only because you are a gifted athlete. I always wondered, but never wasted my time finding out, why you were at that congressional hearing with the likes of MaGwire, Palmero, Canseco etc.

    I learned the other day Sat. You were asked a question in an interview and your answer got you an invite to the hearing where you were questioned. Now, most of those guys had no interest in being there because they were obvious candidates. No offense, but you clearly were not a candidate for a possible steriod user or HGH user. Now it comes to light that a supposed mentor is in the mitchell report and you are giving advice unsolicited again on what he should do to clear his name.

    Canseco though a jackass is trying to implicate A-Rod and you are telling him to gather a legal team to deal with the situation. What kind of message does that send to our young people in an already over litigious society? Additionally, why is it any of your business if Clemens or A-Rod do anything to clear their name or stop Jose Canseco from making his claims. There is a time and a place for everything. Not everything is a time and a place for you.

    I feel that if I vwas named in a report and was not guilty I would have proceedings started as quickly as possible to clear my name. If they are innocent, let them state that and prove it to us the fans. Keep up the good work and keep the blogs coming and lets get Senator McCain on the way to the White House.

    I have a great amount of respect for you Curt as a pitcher but it ends there. No one in their right mind will give up what they earned for and worked hard for. Roger Clemens earned his wins, his trophies, his honors, and awards and nothing will diminish what he has done.


    Mitchell report: Baseball slow to react to players' steroid use

    HGH or any type of anabolic steroid will not teach you how to throw a curve ball, throw a strike, perfectly locate pitches… none of those things. Did steroids help Barry Bonds hit a curve ball, hit a sinker, or hit a fastball? After all, you are a MLB player. Every MLB player is part of the problem, guilty or not. Shut up, you constatly bad mouth Yankees. Atleast he had the common sense to retire after this year.

    Worry about yourself, and your own team. Nick Saban almost got laughed out of Alabama for doing something similar, but hear me out.

    fernando vina responds to mitchell report Fernando vina responds to mitchell report
    fernando vina responds to mitchell report Fernando vina responds to mitchell report
    fernando vina responds to mitchell report Fernando vina responds to mitchell report
    fernando vina responds to mitchell report Fernando vina responds to mitchell report
    fernando vina responds to mitchell report Fernando vina responds to mitchell report

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