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I also value the clarity and precision of his writing, easily understood by the general reader as well as the specialist. The publishers cover notes read, in their entirety; "On the 19th of October Dylan Thomas arrived in New York at the start of his fourth visit to America.

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The omens could not have been less auspicious. To his American mistress Liz Reitell, who had eagerly awaited him at the airport, Thomas looked 'frail, pale and shaky His stay was marked by drama, chaos, violent shifts in personal allegiances, by behaviour of such boorishness and insensitivity as to amount to madness. And its finale came with his death on Monday the 9th of November, in St. Vincent's Hospital. But now that thirty years have passed much new information has come to light, particularly Liz Reitell's journal, previously thought not to exist. For the first time a detailed and impartial account of three traumatic weeks can be pieced together - the drinking bouts, the hysterical scenes, the efforts at rehabilitation, the final debacle.

Above all, new light can be thrown on the one great, over-riding achievement: the triumphant performance on the 24th of October of 'Under Milk Wood' in the poet's last, and perforce definitive, version, a masterpiece of poetry and still awaiting acknowledgement as a literary legacy - the generally accepted version, it can be argued, being incomplete. This is a first edition copy published in on rich deep-burgundy cloth boards with gilt lettering, this copy is complete with the original dust-jacket.

The cover notes which appear on this first edition Putnam copy read; "Here is a volume of autobiography by the widow of Dylan Thomas. Worshippers of the poet may be shocked, for in it there is no artificial respect for the memory of a dead husband; rather an utterly honest, and intransigent account of feelings for and about him, searing even in retrospect. It is a diary and reminiscence of a long visit she made to a Mediterranean island soon after his death, with her small son - but this is no sunny Riviera story; it tells of the cold, squalor and poverty in which they had to live, of the harshness of the place and the bitterness of her own resentful despair.

And it is written with such truth, such compelling vitality, and such explosive style that it leaves a lasting imprint on the mind. A deeply moving book". Isabel Quigly, writing in The Spectator. The Sunday Times. The price of this first edition on publication in was eighteen shillings.

The tone of this quite disturbing work can easily be assessed by the way Caitlin Thomas completes her autobiography with the haunting paragraph; "This is it, this is the finish, a beaten voice said inside me; and the train started to trundle, and chug, and drone: Going home, going home going home; no home to go to, no home to go to, no home to go to; going home to no home, going home to no home, going home to no home; no home no Dylan, no Dylan no home, no Dylan And all the mountains I had ever climbed came tumbling down, and crumbled at my feet.

And all the king's horses, and all the king's men, couldn't put Caitlin Thomas together again. After Dylan Thomas's death in , Caitlin left Laugharne with their three children, and after several return visits to Ireland, finally settled in Sicily with her second husband, with whom she had a child at the age of She remained there until her death, at the age of eighty, in Catania in She requested that she was to be buried alongside her first husband Dylan Thomas in the graveyard of St. Martin's Church, Laugharne.

This is a first edition copy, dating from and was published by Putnam on light brown cloth boards with gilt lettering. This edition is complete with the original dust-jacket, which was designed for Putnam and Company by Eileen Walton. The original price of this first edition copy in was sixteen shillings. Written in the form of a letter, this book is an honest and open communication written by Caitlin Thomas to her only daughter, Aeronwy, upon reaching her eighteenth birthday. Although Caitlin Thomas claimed the book was merely.. In an extract taken from a contemporary review the book was described as..

In a wonderfully entertaining mixture of reminiscence, 'gassy palaver', caricature and shrewd, penetrating sense she conducts her daughter round contemporary life. She explores such topics as Art, Elegance, sex 'the nice orange-juice that makes the castor-oil of love go down' , conversation, and Parties; she visits all sorts of places from abattoirs to pubs 'those homes more homely than home' ; she presents a scathing review of the types of 'eligible' men that may be encountered, from perverts to policemen, from dipsomaniacs to doctors.

This edition was published on red cloth boards with silver gilt lettering and is illustrated with black and white photographs and is complete with the original dust-jacket. The cover image is of the famous photograph of Dylan and Caitlin Thomas taken in Brown's Hotel, Laugharne by John Griffiths and the photograph which graces the reverse of the cover is of Dylan and Caitlin Thomas photographed at Sea View, Laugharne as beautifully captured by Nora Summers.

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  4. The text, taken from the publishers cover notes for this first edition, reads; "For thirty years after Dylan's death, Caitlin Thomas refused to discuss their marriage with any biographer. Then George Tremlett - a family friend - persuaded her that the story must be told. He guided her through memories so bitter and revelations so painful that even after all those years they could still make her weep.

    The result is an astounding autobiography in which Caitlin Thomas reveals in honest, even brutal detail, how much of the story had been left out or glossed over - for only Caitlin knew and she would not tell.

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    We get a new perspective on the drunkenness, the debts, the fights and infidelities, on the character of genius and on the nature of a love that was as sordid and destructive as it was passionate and tender. Despite the devastating suffering, would Caitlin have wanted her life to go another way? Hardly, since she had to be physically restrained from throwing herself into Dylan's grave. Not only does it stand as a unique testament to an extraordinary love; it makes all biographies of Dylan Thomas seem out of date.

    This first edition copy was issued with the ISBN X and is illustrated with many black and white photographs, as in the original U. George Tremlett has done a first-rate editing job.

    He has produced a readable narrative while retaining as much as possible of Mr's Thomas's lively conversational style. It is a valuable supplement to other records. This is a free gift of Caitlin's spirit to all Dylan Thomas lovers, an invaluable book". The publishers cover notes, which appear in this first edition American copy, read; "Until now, Dylan Thomas's widow, Caitlin, has refused to discuss her marriage with biographers.

    With good reason: the story of those seventeen years is tumultuous, sordid and ultimately tragic. The young poet and aspiring dancer met in a pub where Dylan professed his devotion to Caitlin on the spot. The story of the years that followed is one of drunken brawls, abortions, affairs - and of the tenderness that existed in spite of them. Recovery from alcoholism, time and distance have allowed Caitlin Thomas to face the pain of those years, to tell what she could not bear to say in her best-selling book of the early sixties, 'Leftover Life To Kill'. A longtime family friend, George Tremlett, persuaded her that after thirty years it was time for her to set the record straight about her tortured relationship with one of the great poets of our time.

    The book is a result of over fifty hours of recorded interviews and significantly alters the biological picture of Thomas's life. Explanations of many of the more mystifying aspects of Dylan Thomas's character lend new insight into not only the creative process, but the poetry itself. Above all, this is the story of the meeting of two innocent souls - a love story, however sad.

    This American first edition copy was personally signed by the author George Tremlett in , and comes from his own personal collection. This is a first edition copy, in hardback, which was published and printed in by Constable and Robinson Limited, London and issued with the ISBN This edition is illustrated with black and white photographs and is complete with the original dust-jacket.

    The publishers cover notes for 'My Father's Places' reads; "In , after years of nomadic existence, six-year old Aeronwy Thomas and her family arrived at the Boat House in Laugharne, a small village on the Welsh coast.

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    Here her father, the poet Dylan Thomas and mother, Caitlin, hoped to find peace - a place to settle and work. Mornings were spent in Brown's Hotel, listening to the gossip at Ivy William's kitchen table. In the afternoons Caitlin would lock the poet in a shed in the garden, where he sat speaking his verse aloud as he wrote, or composed begging letters to patrons and friends.

    Often he would head off to London, and other old haunts. Little Aeronwy enjoyed the new world around her. In the Boat House, ruled over by Caitlin, there was baby Colm and in the holidays visits from big brother Llewelyn, as well as Dolly, the cleaner and cook, and the house became a refuge for village characters, including Booda the deaf and mute ferry man. Ives in This copy is complete with the original dust-jacket and was issued with the ISBN The text, taken from the publishers cover notes, reads; "From the moment they met at a pub in London, drink was the most conspicuous part of the lives of Caitlin and her 'genius poet', Dylan Thomas.

    It fuelled their sexual adventures, lessened their shyness and enriched their social life. This searing book is Caitlin's story of the passions, the rage and the tragic humour of those years of drink, and the toll it took on the lives of two talented people, leaving one of them dead at the age of thirty-nine, and the other alone, penniless and an alcoholic.

    It is also the memoir of a woman - not always likeable, but consistently energetic and honest - of indomitable spirit; 'reflected glory for me has always been an intolerable ignominy, all I wished for was to be my own little sun, not such a little sun at that; rather let me say modestly, a blazing meteor.

    The afterword by that son recounts their life together in Italy until Caitlin's death in at the age of eighty-one. In Caitlin Thomas's own words, which appear as part of the cover notes of this book; "Ours was not only a love story, it was a drink story This copy was published by Hutchinson and Company on black boards with gilt lettering and is complete with the original dust-jacket, featuring a design by Craig Dodd.

    The cover notes for this first edition explain the collaboration; "In , a couple of years after Dylan Thomas's death, John Davenport wrote a memoir of his friend which included the following sentences; 'At the time of his publication Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Dog , Dylan was staying with me at my home in the Cotswolds with his wife and child, and remained for several months. We wrote a satirical novel together, writing alternate chapters. It is an extraordinary romp, part detective story about the assassination of the Poet Laureate, the 'King's Canary' of the title part literary satire and part surrealistic farce.

    The story revolves around a country house party of astonishingly profligacy, and features a large cast including at various times the Prime Minister, a dope-smoking butler, literary figures of indeterminate sex and sundry dwarfs.

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    It contains brilliant parodies, previously unpublished, of contemporary poets such as T. Eliot and W. And it satires mercilessly yet with great affection the whole literary and artistic world of the 's. Dylan Thomas's biographer and friend, Constantine FitzGibbon, tells of the history behind the writing of the novel in the detailed introduction for this edition; "In the late Wyndham Lewis, that fine painter, writer and many years earlier editor of an iconoclastic periodical appropriately called 'Blast', published a sort of a novel entitled, 'The Apes Of God'.

    Wyndham Lewis had a profound loathing of all that was accepted, all that was fashionable in the arts. His novel was a ferocious send-up, perhaps the first, of all that was' idees receus' in Flaubert's words, among the advocates and practitioners of what, in the Twenties, was still 'modern art', the first that was perhaps not written, for the wrong reason, by some academician or academic. It is a very long, rather congested and very complex satire, many of the characters being then quite easily recognisable.


    Perhaps nobody reads it today. Dylan Thomas was then in his eighteenth year, Fisher a little older. Charles Fisher was one of Dylan's closest Swansea 'friends of my youth', and it may be doubted whether he ever made such friendships once he had left Swansea, tentatively in , soon enough permanently.

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