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Critical information will often come up in the most mundane steps of the background check. Make sure that hiring managers take the process seriously and that they pay attention to the valuable information obtained. As soon as you start asking for opinions - questions about character, attitude, etc. This falls under federal law, and you'll be required to give notice to the applicant, give them an option to ask for details, and comply with their requests.

If you need this sort of information, it's best to get legal advice first. Provides criminal history for the applicant. Should include national and county records. Ensures the candidate's social security number is legitimate and finds all names, including aliases and variations, dates of birth and address history associated with the social security number. This shows employers if the candidate has lived in undisclosed locations or under other aliases, which may reveal criminal records that wouldn't have been found otherwise.

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Traces previous addresses for the candidate. Finding out where a candidate has lived will make it easier to verify other research, and may reveal jurisdictions where criminal background checks should be performed. Most background checks will look to see if the candidate is on the U. Especially important for security jobs.

A background check forms just part of a greater strategy. Read our article on Full Life Cycle Recruiting to see where a background check fits in the journey from attracting potential employees to eventually bringing them onboard. A general background check includes identity verification, employment verification, credit history, driving records, criminal records, and qualifications confirmation.

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However, this depends on the type of background check you would like done. To perform a background check you'll need to get the full name, social security number, and date of birth of the employee.

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You will also need the employee's permission for credit reports, school transcripts, and military records. Background checks are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA , but you should know that there are an array of other laws that affect them, depending on state and region. Companies are not required to perform them by law. Checks should be applied to all employees consistently and fairly. You'll need written permission if you want to hire an outside company to investigate, want to do a credit report, want access to school transcripts, or want access to detailed military records.

If you have made a reasonable request, and the employee denies permission, you can legally take the candidate out of consideration for the position. For more information, see our guide to background checks.

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The typical time, according to several popular background check services , is days to verify social security numbers and addresses, check national and county criminal records, and the U. It may be advisable in cases where you're after very basic info, or if the background check is not likely to make a big impact on your hiring decision.

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  8. Basically, if you feel like a cursory glance at information on social media and Google search is good, maybe this is your best choice. The problem with this method is that it's hard to be percent sure you got the right person and that the information you're seeing is totally accurate. Users can tap into a vast database of police reports and records from court cases, compiled by Arrests.

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    These are public records and data provided through the Freedom of Information Act, that would take time and man-hours to seek out. What's best, these services are free and save the public money that normally private investigative firms would charge to deliver these same records already available to the public.

    Background Checks and Criminal Records

    Let us help you take control by visiting Arrests. Most Americans would be surprised to learn that neighbors, co-workers and prospective employees have a trail of public information such as online mugshots readily available about them. These records can often tell the story they won't readily divulge. That's why Arrests. When it comes to safety and security, time is of the essence. For more information and to get informed today for free, visit Arrests. When is Justice Truly Justice.

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    Real free criminal background check
    Real free criminal background check
    Real free criminal background check
    Real free criminal background check
    Real free criminal background check
    Real free criminal background check
    Real free criminal background check

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