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Many Australians have created busy lives full of time spent with their existing friends that they have sometimes known since their childhood through school families and communities — so when someone new comes along, they have the time to provide easy answers or suggestions but they are much more reluctant to make more of their time available to you because of their own over-commitment.

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Simply translated, this means that it is much quicker and easier to form new friendships with other people who are newcomers or the elderly as they do not have as many time commitments. Alternatively, some people are open to new friendships from people who share the same passion or interest.

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For instance, if I am a mad keen Collingwood Football Club supporter, I may be prepared to spend more time with someone who also shares the same interest than someone who hates football. If I have lived overseas and returned to Australia, I would know how hard it is to make new friends and be more willing to share my time with a new arrival.

If I have gone through a traumatic health crisis, I may be more willing to connect with people who have shared the same difficulty. If I am a new mother, I am likely to find the friendship of another new mother very comforting as we can spend adult time together with our children present and not feel as though we have to apologise for the behaviour of our young children.

I believe it is biologically programmed into human beings for us to spend time with one another. This can be in the form of friendships, families whatever combination this may be — not necessarily a married male and female adult with their own biological children and communities.

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As you are reading this article on the internet, I can assume that you are somewhere with internet access. There are many communities that can be found on the internet.

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You are also part of many other communities. You could be in any of the following or even more — your local residential neighbourhood, your work group, your sport or hobby, your profession, your extended family, your past locations, your faith group, etc.

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But what you may not have realized is that if you have recently moved within the last three years , even if you still remain in contact with some of these communities from your past location, to really feel welcome and at home in your new location, you will need to recreate these networks so that you have the same sense of community, friendship, support and relationship. In Australia, to start this process, I would encourage you to start with the easiest communities first — the places where you naturally have an opportunity to introduce yourself and speak to the same people on a regular basis after all, there is a theory that you need to have at least seven communication exchanges at different times for you to be able to begin a relationship with someone.

Over the last 10 years, it seems as though there has been an explosion in purchased food and beverage venues. Coffee shops, dine in cake and chocolate shops, cheaper restaurants with foods from virtually every world nation and other venues with special themes fast food, seafood, bread, wood fired pizzas etc.

The owners of these venues often work in the shop and are a wonderful resource of local information. They often get to know their clientele very well and welcome the opportunity to serve you and others on a regular basis. They may not necessarily become a part of your circle of friends but seeing their familiar faces on a regular basis will make you feel more welcome in your new location.

They may be able to make good recommendations to you for local doctors, dentists, hairdressers etc. When you move into a new house, unit or apartment in Australia, it is up to you to introduce yourself to your neighbours. It can be a good idea to invite them to come and speak to you at anytime and contact you if they need some assistance.

Tracing your history

I have found that people very rarely do request assistance apart from simple tasks like collecting their mail or putting the rubbish bins out for collection whilst they are away but the offer is always appreciated. If you are asked for too much assistance, you can always decline in the future. There is no obligation to provide help. She went with her children to several houses in her local street to introduce herself to her new neighbours. Our domestic support workers are not your average cleaners. They are chosen because of their skill and passion they have for the people they support.

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We can identi We understand that it's the little things that make a big difference. When it comes to domestic support in your home, we work with you to understand just how you like things to be done. We train our h We work with you to develop a plan to support your everyday life. We identify the type of support person that will be best suited to you, and match you carefully. We know looking after a loved one is rewarding, but every now and then it is important to take care of yourself. Five Good Friends can step in to allow family and carers to take a break, knowing their Research shows that most people recover faster in the comfort of their homes. Whether you're looking for short-term support such as post-operative rehabilitation or ongoing support to treat long-term At Five Good Friends, we know that things can happen at short notice that results in a short-term need for help at home. When situations arise, we are able to step in and offer professional support an Our pets are part of our families. We provide a range of services to assist you in caring for your beloved pets.

The services that we provide include dog walking, dog grooming and pet companionship Related Pricing. Private funding. Home Care Packages. Related Posts. The health and fitness industry is awash with gadgets and apps designed to Related Member Stories. Related Services. Assistive Technologies Technology plays a major role in improving outcomes. Improved Living Arrangements Our domestic support workers are not your average cleaners.

Finding old friends

Domestic Support We understand that it's the little things that make a big difference.

new south wales find a friend New south wales find a friend
new south wales find a friend New south wales find a friend
new south wales find a friend New south wales find a friend
new south wales find a friend New south wales find a friend
new south wales find a friend New south wales find a friend

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