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Sometimes this can be done via the content management system used, sometimes the pixel must be implemented directly in the source code of the e-mail or website. Usually, the web analysis tools that require the implementation of the pixel, such as Facebook or Google Analytics, offer extensive implementation instructions. Tracking pixels are often criticized by data protection advocates because they collect comprehensive data about the user, mostly without knowledge of the user.

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As the tracking pixel cannot be seen with the naked eye, and the common user does not recognize the meaning of the small graphic even when it is visible, the tracking pixel involves a transfer of information without consent. Based on this, critics argue that with tracking pixels, user privacy is violated through the recording of a motion profile.

How To Track Mobile Location By IP Address

The transmission of the IP address also makes it possible to match information to other information on the Internet, e. Tracking pixels also simplify the work of spammers. Spammers can integrate tracking pixels in their spam mails in order to find out if an email address is valid.

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If the recipient opens the email and thereby loads the automated tracking pixel, the spammer receives a confirmation of the authenticity of the email address. As a result, the sending of spam messages increases. According to GDPR, users must be informed that a website collects data.

How Someone Might Get Your IP address.

Users also have to be able to object to the tracking. The use of tracking pixels is beneficial for website operators, SEOs and email senders. This is because they can use the information generated to improve their online offers, make them more user-friendly, and adapt the offers to the most commonly used browser types and versions.

Even more advantageous is the fact that tracking pixels are more effective than cache in browsers: The access to a page is still counted.

How do websites track users? | Technologies and methods | GDPR Compliance

If JavaScript is used, more information can be collected. This includes the screen resolution, plugins used, support of certain technologies by the browser, etc. It therefore becomes possible to differentiate between users and bots, as well as create user profiles. The IP address, visits by a certain user, and the properties of this user can be used to create navigation paths. For web analysis, however, the tracking pixel generally just forms the basis. Advanced technologies are required which are only realizable by specialized service providers. Tracking pixels can also be beneficial in the analysis of sent email newsletters, because they show the opening rates of certain emails or newsletters through the user statistics data.

There are a number of ways in which users can prevent their data being collected by tracking pixels:. Tracking pixels generally have similar functionalities as cookies. The maximum digits can go up to nine.

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