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Do People That Separate After Being in a Common Law Marriage Have to Divorce in Texas?

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That form has all the same power of a marriage license. If you have filed a Declaration of Informal Marriage then it is difficult although not impossible to dispute the existence of a common law marriage, much like a marriage license produced through a formal marriage. This is normally done by trial in a divorce proceeding for the common law marriage.

In many cases the parties to a common law marriage who split up never obtain a divorce, they simply go their separate ways and act like the marriage never really existed.

Learn more about the benefits and risks of a common law marriage.

As a practical matter, this can work just fine for the spouses much like other married individuals who separated from their spouses but never obtain a divorce. Like a divorce in a formal marriage, a divorce in a common law marriage allows the family court to divide marital property, assign rights and obligations on any children of the marriage and terminate community property rights in the future property acquired by either of the spouses.

Any of these might be a reason to obtain a common law marriage. You can deal with child issues in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship outside of a divorce but it is common to deal with the child and property issues collectively in a divorce. You may want to protect the assets you have now or into the future from your common law spouse. This is particularly useful if you see yourself moving into a higher income bracket where your earnings continue to be community property.

Alternatively, your common law spouse may be financially better off after you separated and you want to use a divorce to exercise your community property rights under the Texas Family Code. The most common reason why you want to deny the existence of a common law marriage and that is to avoid allowing your alleged spouse from exercising community property rights over your property in a divorce or probate proceeding.

If you defeat the existence of a common law marriage then your alleged spouse has no rights to your property. Unless some other deed, designation, or contract has given that person rights to your property. In less common situations, you may need to dispute the existence of a common law marriage that allegedly preceded a current marriage to avoid allegations of bigamy or voiding a current marriage because you are still married to a prior spouse.

In Texas you may only enter into one marriage at a time and failing to dissolve a prior marriage can subject you to criminal punishment for bigamy and void your current marriage. It is unnecessary to dispute the existence of a common law marriage, or to prove the existence of a common law marriage, solely to deal with issues related to a child between the two adults. Parental rights and obligations arise regardless of the marital status between the parties.

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Typically a common law marriage is disputed by proving one or more of the three statutory requirements was not satisfied. You gave testimony in the declaration to the contrary. Which requirements may be best argued and the evidence depends entirely upon the facts of your particular situation.

And the hope that you did not file a Declaration of Informal Marriage. If the parties stopped living together two or more years prior to the filing of the claim of a common law marriage then there is a presumption that no common law marriage existed. The party asserting its existence must overcome that presumption. Another way to dispute the common law marriage is to prove one or both lacked capacity to enter into marriage.

Lack of capacity can be shown by identifying a statutory reason why the two parties cannot marry. Common law marriage is not as common as many people believe.

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Simply living together does not mean that you have a common law marriage. There are strict requirements that have to be met for common law marriages to be considered valid.


Additionally, only a few states in the United States recognize common law marriages. Every state has its own laws regarding common law marriages and only a few actually recognize this type of union. In the majority of states, it is still a requirement that you obtain a marriage license to be recognized as a married couple. Keep in mind that even within these states, the laws will vary.

Any of the laws are also subject to change if the state's legislature sees fit to do so. To ensure that you know the current law in your state, contact an attorney or seek other legal advice regarding your particular situation.

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  • Busting Common-Law Marriage Myths in Texas;
  • Some states only recognize common law marriages if they were created within a certain time frame. The term used is "contracted," meaning you have entered into a common law contract or agreement and followed the requirements set by that state. Notice how some states allow common law marriages before a certain date while others allow them only after a particular date.

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    This grey area is another reason to reach out for local legal advice. Living together is one of them, but it isn't enough. There is a general agreement in the U. However, this has been challenged by a number of states. It is best to consult an attorney to make sure your common law marriage is recognized in the state where you are currently residing.

    To make sure that you would be eligible for survivor benefits, you need to go to an SSA office and fill out forms, provide statements from two blood relatives, and provide supporting evidence of your common-law relationship. Your state must also recognize common law marriages in order to be "considered married" when filing your federal income taxes.

    Regarding any issue involving your common law marriage—taxes, social security, moving, etc.

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